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To Eat

Sweet corn on the cob served with salt & butter  25kr.

Pão de queijo (warm Brazilian cheese breads) & your choice of spread  30kr.

Açaí bowl topped with granola, nuts and fresh fruits  60kr.

Brunch served with Brazilian cheese breads, cassava, sweet potato, plantain, honey butter, 

               your choice of spread & one hot drink   75kr.

Today's special  75kr.

Spreads: honey butter, homemade banana jam, strawberry jam, maple syrup, Nutella (+5kr.)





Spinach, feta cheese 35kr.

Veggie (spinach, feta cheese, eggs, tomatoes, avocado) 45kr.


Lemon, sugar  35kr.

Sugar, cinnamon  35kr.

Nutella  40kr.

Sugar, jam  40kr.

Nutella, fresh strawberries  45kr.

Nutella, banana  45kr.

Hazelnuts, banana, strawberry jam  45kr.

Nutella, marshmallows  48kr.

Honey, banana, hazelnuts, cinnamon  48kr.

Nutella, banana, coconut  50kr.

Marshmallows, jam, coconut, cinnamon  53kr.

Marshmallows, nutella, peanut butter, hazelnuts  55kr.

Peanut butter, nutella, hazelnuts, coconut, banana  60kr.

To Drink



Alcoholic drinks

Wine (white) Chardonney Sancerre / (red) Merlot Barbara d'Alba   glass 50 / bottle 200kr.
Beer (Grøn Tuborg, Budweiser)   40kr.

Sparkling wine (Marques de Monistrol Cava)  glass 50 / bottle 200kr.

Buck's Fizz Cocktail (sparkling wine, orange juice)   70kr.

Espresso Martini (vodka, espresso, sugar)   70kr.

Moscow Mule (vodka, soda water, sugar, ginger, lime)  70kr.

Citron Sipper Cocktail (vodka, lime, herbs)   70kr.

Cosmo twist (vodka, 2 fruit juices)   80kr. 

Bocce Ball (vodka, amaretto, orange juice, soda water)  95kr.

Sparkle Cocktail (vodka, sparkling wine, syrup, berries, fruit) 95kr.

Hot beverages

Tea 20kr.

Espresso/americano 20kr.

Chai 25kr.

Hot chocolate 30kr.

Latte/cappuccino/cortado 35kr.

Fresh juices

Lime   35kr.

Mango  35kr.

Orange  35kr.

Pineapple 35kr.

Orange & carrot  35kr.

Beets, orange, carrot  35kr.


Papaya  30kr.

Orange  30kr.

Banana  30kr.

Pineapple  30kr.

Avocado & banana  35kr.

Banana & cocoa powder  35kr.

Fresh strawberries & banana  35kr.